A better jerkbait bite for Palaniuk

Palaniuk finally catches a better fish on a jerkbait. It leaps high into the air before he gets a handle on it. After boating the fish, he gets out his balance beam and takes several minutes to figure out whether the fish is big enough to cull one in the box.


He tosses one fish back into the water. I can't tell if it is the one he just caught. Palaniuk takes a moment to weigh one of his bass.


Yeager and I ease over to Palaniuk's boat to pick up Seigo.


"I think I have about 22 pounds," Palaniuk says.


He's giving his jerkbait spot another pass. He needs to get leaving his mind.


Down goes the jerkbait rod, up comes the drop shot rod. Palaniuk snaps up the rod and is into a good bass. He lands it. We see a fist pump. It's good bass, but not big enough to pass muster. Back it goes. Palaniuk may have more than 22 pounds.


The rods are being stuffed into the locker for what will be a pounding boat ride back to Waddington. Palaniuk starts his outboard, idles off the flat and punches the throttle. See you in Waddington.

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