Back to Henderson Bay

Ace photographer Seigo Saito and I are again driving by car to Henderson Bay, the scene of Brandon Palaniuk's heroics yesterday. Despite a relentless wind and 3 to 4 foot waves, Palaniuk sacked 20 pounds, 9 ounces of bass to boost his lead.

The wind is slight this morning. Palaniuk will make good time making the 100+ mile run to Henderson Bay. And, the fishing conditions should be much more favorable than yesterday. It is now Palaniuk's tournament to lose. That doesn't seem likely, but strange things have a way of happening in this sport.

I talked with Florida's Bernie Schultz just before we left the launch ramp in Waddington. He's in 9th place, nearly 6 1/2 pounds behind Palaniuk. He made the top 12 cut by fishing in the St. Lawrence River, but he is running to Lake Ontario this morning.

"My only chance to win is out on the big lake," Schultz said. "You can catch 30 pounds out there."

He may need every ounce of that to be victorious here.

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