Sabine tough, but numbers should go up

The Sabine is on pace to establish itself as the stingiest venue the Elites have ever seen, but I don't think it's going to get there. You see, bassing averages almost always go up on Day 3 of Elite events and up again on Day 4. That's because the Elite format eliminates the anglers who finished in the bottom half after two days and all but the top 12 after three. When you get rid of the guys who aren't catching them, the bassing average of the guys who are left look pretty good.


The toughest tournament in Elite history was the 2006 Table Rock event. The bassing average for those four days was just 2.41 — better than what we're seeing on the Sabine, but we've now sent the anglers who were struggling hardest down the road to Falcon Lake. It'll be surprising if the bassing average doesn't go up on the Sabine from here through Sunday.

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