Sabine mayhem!

The Sabine River is acting a little like that "mayhem" character in the Allstate TV commercials. It's leaving a mess in its wake. "I'm the Sabine River, and I'm in a bad mood. Think you can catch bass here? Guess again."


Three anglers failed to catch a single keeper in two days on the water, including rookie Kelley Jaye. You can bet that wasn't how he wanted to start his Elite career. Two other rookies finished last in their Elite debuts (James Niggemeyer in 2007 and Keith Poche in 2010). They weathered that storm and eventually found some blue skies on the other side.


This week Ott DeFoe suffered the worst finish of his brief but impressive Elite career. He was 79th, and that will put a real damper on his chances of winning Toyota Bassmaster Angler of the Year this year. Ditto for former AOYs and perennial AOY contenders Michael Iaconelli (83rd) and Aaron Martens (85th). If they hope to make a run at AOY in 2013, they've got no more room for error.

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