Rojas playing defense


It's no secret that Dean Rojas isn't real happy with the fact that he's sharing water with Alton Jones. If you dig deep enough, you'll find that both men have every right to be here.


Jeff Kriet is in Bayou D'Inde too, but he's stayed out of sight all day.


"They're on the best stretch, no doubt," Kriet said Saturday. "I don't want to fish water they've already seined. There's plenty of fish in there."


From the bridge we just observed a classic case of Rojas playing defense. He was headed upstream fishing one bank when Jones approached headed downstream on the other. Rojas then trolled across to the other bank and cutoff Jones.


It appeared the tactic might have backfired when Jones set the hook on a big one. But Jones had hooked a redfish instead of a bass.


Much to the disappointment of the bridge crowd, Jones held the fish up, then released it.


"We already had the charcoal lit," one observer said to Jones, after Jones got right under the bridge.


"It was a good one," Jones said. "It probably weighed 9 or 10 pounds."


The Rojas-Jones drama is over for awhile. They've both sped off in opposite directions and the bridge has emptied of spectators.

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