Lake Charles

We've made it over to the Lake Charles, La., area where several of the anglers are running. It's about 45 minutes by Interstate to get here. I have no idea how far by boat. But we are going to stick our nose into a myriad of backwater lakes, creeks and sloughs.
We are on the Calcasieu River. It's dingy,almost dirty. water temp is in the 50s. Like the anglers, we are looking for cleaner water. Hopefully we will find them soon.

Kieth Worthy, who grew up on this river and the Sabine, is excited about this event. The whole community is excited.


Worthy kind of put it into perspective: "they are going from one of the worst fisheries to one of the best in Falcon. I never dreamed B.A.S.S., would have a tournament here. But I've always hoped they would.


"As a kid, fishing here, I would wonder what would those Bassmaster guys do if they were here. Now I get to find out."

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