Zaldain is Power Fishing


Chris Zaldain is farther offshore than anyone I've seen over the past two days. He is in the middle of the creek more than 100 yards from the nearest bank.
He has a solid limit of smallmouth bass that weigh 12 pounds or so.
"I've got three good ones," he said.
If he catches two more "good ones" he'll move up in the standings and be a serious contender.
Zaldain is power fishing and doing well despite the lack of wind. If he can catch them under these conditions, his pattern may well hold up throughout the tournament.
Several pros said the smallmouth bass they caught in practice where heavier than the largemouth. However, they were not confident that they could catch a limit of the brown ones.
Zaldain is now throwing a big bait with the intention of culling his two smaller bass.