Swindle in new location

We're still tooling about in Mountain Creek when we spot Gerald "G-Man" Swindle fishing a wind-blown shallow point. Yesterday he was fishing in a different area on a sheet of glass.


He told me after weighing in yesterday that he caught his bass the first day cranking rocky banks in the wind. Swindle is known for fishing fast and loose and switching gears on the fly. 


That worked for him the first two days, but I get the sense that he's struggling today.


Scroggins appears out of nowhere and idles right up to Swindle's boat. They are surely talking strategy. It could be that Scroggins, who caught an early limit, is checking on the G-Man to make sure he is catching them. They are good friends.


After talking for a few minutes out of our earshot, Scroggins idles away, jumps his boat on plane and flies out of the creek. Swindle heads the same way a few minutes later.


It pays to have friends in low places when fishing an Elite Series tournament.

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