Survive and advance

My last note covered the 16 anglers who have missed every cut so far in 2013. In the interest of equal time, I want to pay tribute to the 15 pros who have earned a check (finished in the top 50) in each of the first three events this season.


Alphabetically, here they are: Brent Chapman, Boyd Duckett, Edwin Evers, Greg Hackney, Charlie Hartley, Gary Klein, Jeff Kriet, Ish Monroe, Pete Ponds, Matt Reed, Skeet Reese, Terry Scroggins, Gerald Swindle, Dennis Tietje and Kevin VanDam.


Of course, there are no guarantees that such early success will result in AOYs or Classic berths, but it’s a pretty good bet that 12 or 13 of those anglers will be in the 2014 Classic and a better than even chance that one of them will be our AOY. That’s just the way it works.

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