Scanlon struggling?

Casey Scanlon is struggling, according to Mark Zona who is in the boat with Casey.


Scanlon started on the same spot that he has started on all week. He has one small keeper as of right now but it's a line burner smallmouth and not one that he wants to weigh in.


He hasn't been waiting for any "feeding window" like a lot of the guys this week. His fish are eating and eating often. He's caught 20 to 30 keepers a day by 10 a.m., and it's starting to look like that number has dwindled


You have to face a puzzling predicament on Bull Shoals right now — how to manage your fish. If you cull, you're culling by ounces. But with only 12 ounces between Scanlon and his nearest competitor, ounces are huge.


He's had to sift through a lot of keeper fish to get his daily weight; and if some of the other anglers struggle, those 2 1/2-pound fish that he culled the last three days could be all he needs to clinch the win. The only problem: They have sore lips and a bad taste in their mouth.

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