Prince in a bit of a lull

Yocum Cove has quit producing for Cliff Prince. He just released a short fish. He hasn't caught anything that has helped him since he reached the five-bass limit.


"I thought for awhile that Steve (Kennedy) and I had caught them all," Prince said earlier. "But every fish I've caught today had two or three with it, so there's plenty of fish in here."


But Prince isn't sticking around to look for any more of them. He's headed out of here, and Cliff Pace is coming back in Yocum Cove.


Prince isn't leaving because of Pace's arrival. They seemed cordial here earlier this morning. Most importantly, Prince has planned to do this all day.


"I know I can't win it in this creek," he said. "I'm going back to the boat ramp where I caught my bigger fish."