The perfect storm

Well it happened. This tournament, from a coverage stand point, presents the perfect storm. We have guys stacked up in the top 12 with only a few pounds separating the field. We put cameras with the top 8 anglers and, of course, Jason Christie comes from 11th all the way to first place unofficially according to BassTrakk with only a few hours left.


Christie is unstoppable right now. Despite a 5-and-a-half-pound deficit coming into today, Christie has jumped out into a strong lead with 18-8 on the day unofficially. We just got word that the majority of his fish came on a spook throughout the morning. Right now he has culled more than any other angler has caught. This is quite impressive to say the least.


All that said, if our leaders at the start of the day, Scanlon, Prince, Pace, Scroggins, can get things going and hit their daily averages one of them will take the lead back. But everyone is due a bad day. The question remains, will their be enough bad days among the top 5 for Christie to take advantage and pull this upset off?

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