A little tournament history on Bull Shoals

Bull Shoals was one of the best tournaments in the Elite Series last year. The fishing was outstanding (bassing average of 4.96) though the size of the average bass was less spectacular (2.77 pounds). It’ll be interesting to see how things shake out today.


The only area where Bull Shoals might have disappointed last season was in the size of the daily lunkers. Zell Rowland caught the biggest bass of the event, a 6-13 that struck on Day 2. The other daily lunkers all weighed less than 6 pounds.


In the earliest days of B.A.S.S. events on Bull Shoals, the lunkers topped out noticeably larger. In 1975, Jack Hains (the 1975 Classic champ) had the biggest bass (8-2) in B.A.S.S.’ first tournament on Bull Shoals. Dee Thomas won that tournament and put flippin' in the national spotlight.


A year later, Dan Ray caught an 8-3 in the All-American on Bull Shoals. Then, in 1988, H. Mark Peters caught the biggest bass ever in a B.A.S.S. event on Bull Shoals. It weighed 8-9.


So, the fishing seems dramatically better these days on Bull Shoals — anglers are catching more bass than ever before — but the top end isn’t as big … so far.