Lead Hill

If you wanted to get an idea of how isolated Bull Shoals lake is, take the trip that we're on right now.


We're headed from Bull Shoals to Lead Hill by land, saving ourselves the brutal 30-minute cold boat ride.

By land, it will take us almost an hour up and down valleys, over ridges and around knobs.


We're halfway there and at this point we've come close to hitting one deer, two turkeys and a cattle dog.

The place we're headed, Lead Hill, has a population of 287. Folks on these hills wear the "hillbilly" title with pride. They should too. This is some of the most beautiful land in the country, one of the better kept secrets this nation has to offer.


If we can make it over all the hills, around all the curves and through all the valleys without hitting a deer or a turkey, we plan on watching Greg Vinson for the first part of the morning.

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