Lack o’ lunkers

Bull Shoals has produced numbers despite the tough cold front. The fishing’s been pretty good, but the size hasn’t been there. The fish have been averaging about half a pound smaller this year than they were last year. So far, the average bass has weighed about 2 pounds, 5 ounces. They were better than 2-12 last year. No one seems to have an explanation for the drop, though several pros have said they caught fat bass in practice and skinny ones in competition. 


The biggest bass of the competition so far was Bradley Roy’s 5-6 on Day 1. If it holds up, it’ll be one of the smallest “big” bass in Elite history. Last year, the biggest bass from Bull Shoals was a 6-13 caught by Zell Rowland. A fish like that this year would be a “game changer.”

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