While riding in one of the chase boats yesterday, we went into a creek I fished the last time I was at Bull Shoals. That was in 1988.


I was here to fish the Bassmaster Arkansas Invitational which happened in mid October.

In those days pros drew pros and there was a lot of coin flipping going on to determine who got to use their boat, whose water to fish first and other sordid details. Thankfully, that stressful format is a thing of the past.

Gary Klein won that stingy three-day tournament running away. It took only 30 pounds to claim top honors. I finished 21st with 12-9.


Klein was doodle worming for spotted bass 60 feet. Back then, it was ground breaking stuff for bass anglers east of the Rockies. Klein is so catching them good at this Bull Shoals tournament 25 years later.


Keep your eyes on Klein, he could pull it off again.

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