It's anyone's tourney

This will be an interesting day on several fronts. There's 1-pound separating the top three; 5-pounds separating the top 10 and just 6 between the whole lot of them.

It's pretty much anyone's tourney to take. Casey Scanlon has the lead and the best shot at that. But anyone down the line that catches one of those big females could win.


Thing is, if that were going to happen, there is no more likely time than right now.

Thursday's cold front set everything back, since then things have been progressively getting better. It's on the verge of blowing up.


That means all these anglers should have a great day of fishing. It also means anything can happen.


One of the more telling omissions from this event is the lack of that 6-pounds or better fish. Not a single one has made it to the weigh in, which is unusual.


This lake has it's share of lunkers. But since the weather moved in they've been hiding. If they start showing up, it could get exciting real quick.

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