If you feel it, fish it.

Day is breaking at the Bull Shoals Boat Dock. The pros have launched and most of them have parked in the Martina's boat slips, including Fletcher Shryock.


"I've made few changes for today," he said. "I'm fishing a pattern. I'll start on my best spot and start running."


Upon hearing that his Marshall shivers. He's bundled up but did't pack any long underwear. He looks longingly at Shryock's helmet.


Ish Monroe returns to his boat, which is parked in the next slip. His face is covered with a mask to block the cold. Monroe a d Shryock are good friends.


Monroe leans over Shryock's boat and say with emphatically,"If you feel it fish it."


He repeats the order with equal conviction.
"I've got to keep my boy focused," he said.



Before Monroe returned to his boat he said, "Is she still here?"

Shryock looks down over the side of his boat and shines a light into the water. There, right in the slip next to Shryock's boat is a 6-pound bass on the bed.

It doesn't appear that the cold night has driven the spawners out of the shallows.

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