Iaconelli Picks up #1


Iaconelli is fishing down a bank that leads onto a small pocket. Cliff Prince was approaching the pocket from the opposite direction. Prince pulls up his electric motor and leaves before they get too close.
Ike started in an area where the water had muddied. It failed to yield a bass and cost Iaconelli 90 minutes of fishing time.
His livewell is empty. Strike that. He just boated his first keeper. Ike is focussed but is relaxed enough to chat with his Marshall.
"I haven't seen one on a bed yet," Ike says.
He is fishing slowly enough near the bank that he can scan the bottom ahead of him for spawning bass.
The water temperature in this creek is only 54 degrees, so the sun has yet to work it's magic.
That is likely to happen this afternoon. The big females are as eager to come up as a throng of screaming teenage girls at a Justin Bieber concert.
Given the warming trend, there should be some big momma a on the bed before this tournament is over.