Fish are still there

If you listened to some of the anglers after the cancellation yesterday, and you were prone to believe every word an angler utters, you would likely have been thinking there would be few fish caught today.



A brutal front pushed through right in the middle of a big push of spawning fish hitting the bank. The front would certainly push them off, shut them down they said.



Of course it's easy to be pessimistic about the future. That pessimism hasn't been proven true, at least to this point. By the bevy of photos the Marshals are sending in, it appears the fish in Bull Shoals survived the storm pretty well.



Of course we understand the fishing, or the end of day weight's won't be as heavy, but Bull Shoals is once again proving itself full of fish.



These guys might be cold right now, but the water temperature has remained into the 50s, according to the gauge at Bull Shoals Boat Dock. But by day's end, and even tournament's end, the action is hot enough right now to tell us that we are going to watch another great event.

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