Elites now looking for trout

A lot of these anglers are either camping out or staying in a cottage along the historic White River.


Above the dam on that river is Bull Shoals, below it is the tailwater that houses some of the finest rainbow and brown trout fishing in the country. This is where Forrest Wood and Jerry McKinnis started their friendship and respective businesses more than 50 years ago. People still flock to the river because of it's abundance of fish.


These anglers are no different. Brent Chapman headed straight to the river once the tournament day was cancelled. He donned his waders and woke up his kids and they spent close to an hour casting to the trout near their campsite. We will have a story and photo gallery on the action soon. Other anglers were doing the same, many of them talking trash to each other on who was going to catch the most or biggest.


Chapman may have won that battle. He got there first and was able to catch close to a dozen rainbows before the rain ran him and his kids back to shelter. We don't know if any of the other anglers were able to get out. But it's our guess, when this storm passes, the trout of the White River will see an influx of Elite anglers taking out their cancelled-day frustrations.

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