Easy limits/smaller bass

The combination of relative easy limits and relatively small bass has a rather unexpected effect on a bass tournament. It makes comebacks difficult. 


You might look at the standings after today’s weigh-in and see half a dozen guys within just a couple of pounds of the lead. Your instinct might be to think that it’s anyone’s game — that anyone within a few pounds could easily make up the gap and win. 


That instinct is wrong. What actually happens is that just about everyone has a limit, but they’re small. The result: There’s not much movement on the leaderboard. 


For the anglers hoping to win this one, they need to be in the top three — maybe four — places, and they need to be very close in terms of weight. The leader after three has a big advantage. Don’t kid yourself — it is far, far better to be the hunted (the leader) than the hunter (the challenger) in a bass tournament ... always!


Don’t believe me? Only once in three years has an angler not ranked first or second going into the final won the tournament. You have to go back to the 2011 event on West Point Lake to find such a tournament. There, Steve Kennedy was fourth going into the finals and came on to win.

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