Crochet takes to Twitter on day off

For Cliff Crochet, a little taunting from one of his fellow pros is what it took to get him on Twitter.


"This morning at launch, before we knew today was postponed, Russ Lane brought a baseball and a glove," said Crochet. "So we were going to toss the ball around a little bit. But he started throwing it at 70 mph! And I haven't played ball since I was 15.


"The next thing I know, a friend of mine is texting me asking me if I saw what Russ posted on Twitter. I said no 'cuz I don't do the Twitter thing.


"He had posted that I throw like a girl. And I said, 'There we go. It's on.'


"I had to respond, so I had to go to Twitter. I couldn't do it on Facebook because people there wouldn't know what I was talking about. So I called my friend Jason Pittman, and he walked me through how to set up a Twitter.


"The only thing that is off-limits is wives, girlfriends or your family. Otherwise, it's game on," said Crochet. "We're gonna have fun with this."


Crochet started his new account, @CliffCajunBaby, after today's competition was postponed. He said that he's about 15 years behind everyone else.


"I still think it's cool to wear a shotgun belt," he said. "I like wearing those blue polos with the stripe across the front that were cool in high school, but my girlfriend Sara tells me I can't wear those any more. I still have CDs. I don't like e-mail; if you want me, call me."


"But I will not wear Duckhead. That's not cool any more."