Christie is anti-umbrella rig

Jason Christie won last week's FLW tournament at Beaver Lake, a White River impoundment like Bull Shoals, while fishing an umbrella rig primarily.



So wouldn't Christie like to throw the rig this week at Bull Shoals, if it weren't against Elite Series rules? Emphatically, the answer is "no."

"I'm against it," Christie said. "I'm glad we can't use it on the Elite Series. It's just more challenging to fish without it, and more fun. Last week I had one rod on the deck. This week I'm using eight or nine."



Christie is on a roll. He finished seventh in his first Bassmaster Classic appearance in February. Coupled with the FLW win at Beaver Lake and some other check-generating events, Christie has won over $200,000 already this year.



And the bottom line is the bottom line with Christie and the umbrella rig or any other decisions in bass tournament fishing.



"This is my job," he said. "This is how I support my family. If you're allowed to fish the A-rig, you better use it or you're going to get your teeth kicked in." 

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