Chasing tornadoes?

Obviously we are watching the Weather Channel. A big part of their coverage is centered on this storm, at least the part that is in Oklahoma and headed our way.


Those guys are actually out there chasing tornadoes. Which is fine from the dry, comfort of a truck. It also helps that you can see for miles and miles across the plains. In the Ozarks, though, at least in most places you couldn't see a funnel cloud until it's right on top of you. 


I commend those guys for the job they are doing, but I wouldn't want to do that type thing around here.

About the only warning we might get is a little bleep on the television that is constantly reminding us we are in the path of a severe storm, and it "could" produce a tornado. Kind of like sitting in the woods in the dark and hearing growls all around you.


The big question is what this will do to the fishing. According to the Weather Channel it is 72 degrees out there right now. It was above 80 yesterday. When we actually get the chance to start this event tomorrow, they are telling us that we can expect 33 degree temperatures for the take off in the morning.


If it doesn't have a single impact on the fish, which it will in some way, it will most certainly impact these anglers, who have spent most of their practice in shorts and T-shirts.

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