Bull Shoals reflections

I¹m off water and warming up. I have a few reflections of my morning chasing the Elite Series anglers on Bull Shoals.


We saw about a dozen pros. All but one was fishing in the upper half of various creeks. The anglers were spread out, but most were fishing the same types of banks.


Most of them are power fishing. Their techniques appear similar, although Jason Christie¹s approach is somewhat different from what the other anglers are doing. If he brings in a good bag, his strategy should continue to give him an advantage.


Alton Jones and Bill Lowen were fishing bottom bumping baits. Lowen was also fishing a different type of bank then the other anglers were targeting.


He¹s catching loads of bass, but they¹re running small. We left Lowen well before noon, so his bank may give up bigger bass
after the sun bakes it for a few hours. Despite the sun, the water was in no hurry to warm up. The warmest water we found was 57 degrees.


There¹s likely to be some better fish caught late in the day after the water temperature rises a few degrees. Last minute heroics could be crucial to doing well here. Never say die!


Many pros reported finding good numbers of bedding bass after practice ended. The water has come up 2 feet since then and it has dropped 10 degrees or more. That coupled with the strong and persistent wind will make sight fishing challenging, to say the least.

If pros that excel at sight fishing fair poorly today, say, guys like Dean Rojas, it¹s likely that they couldn¹t overcome these conditions.