Bull Shoals Lake on the rise, big-time

The photo above shows the marker board at Bull Shoals Lake Boat Dock and illustrates a rising lake level. But it hadn't been updated at 7 a.m. today to reveal just how fast this 45,000-acre lake is filling.



At 10 a.m., the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers website showed the current level is 656.11 feet above sea level - that's a rise of 2.25 feet since Wednesday at midnight. (Power pool or normal level is 654.0)



In other words, the Elite Series anglers are seeing a much different lake than the one they practiced on the first three days this week.



Alton Jones said Thursday, "It's going to be a tournament full of strategy."



That was before the cold front came through this area yesterday, dumped heavy rainfall and dropped temperatures 40 degrees.



Mark Davis noted yesterday that during practice he'd seen "thousands" of bass on spawning beds, some in as little as 18 inches of water, and the water clarity was such that he could see 30 feet deep.



But it's a new lake today. It will be interesting to hear what the Elites see on this first day of "a tournament full of strategy."

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