Bull Shoals is fickle

Seeing Brandon Palaniuk in 98th place after winning here last year got me thinking about how the other top finishers in 2012 were faring in 2013. The answer is “Not so great.”


Of last year’s top 12, only two would make that group so far this year. Brent Chapman was fifth in 2012 and is eighth after Day 1 this year. Cliff Pace was sixth; now he’s third. Britt Myers was the runner-up in 2012, and he’s strong again this year. Right now he’s 23rd.


The rest of last year’s top 12 wouldn’t even make the first cut at the end of Day 1 in 2013. Matt Herren was third in 2012; he’s 79th this year. Edwin Evers was fourth; now he’s 51st. Bobby Lane has fallen from seventh to 70th. Scott Rook has dropped from eighth to 86th. Derek Remitz, Jason Quinn and Keith Poche have had similar tumbles. 

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