Blog addict now writing posts

Anytime an Elite Series tournament is going on, I check in on the live blog every 20 minutes or so to get my fix. I just have to know what’s happening. I’ve been writing about the Bassmaster pros for over 30 years and I’m still an addicted fan.


The blogs are a happy distraction when I’m supposed to be busy writing in my office back home in southern Ohio. Since I wasn’t getting much work done at home during Elite Series events, I figured I might as well be at the tournaments blogging.


 I bugged Steve Bowman for months to sign me up as an official Bassmaster blogger. My pestering paid off. I’m here at Bull Shoals ready to watch, learn and report.


I was just as hyped as the pros were this morning to get started. Then the day was cancelled due to an incoming storm predicted to bring high winds, rain, lightning and possibly hail.


Most of the pros had already launched their boats when the tournament was cancelled. The mood instantly went from metal-to-the-pedal to slamming into a brick wall.


The pros were disappointed, but understanding--for the most part. Many were looking forward to fishing in foul weather. It’s just the thing for turning on the bigger bass in a clear, Ozark Mountain lake like Bull Shoals. It pulls the fish into the shallows and makes them susceptible to power fishing tactics.


That opportunity is gone. The pros will have to regroup deal with sunshine and lower temperatures tomorrow.

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