Toyota All-Star Week set

The AOY standings are remarkably stable as we enter the final day of the 2013 Elite Series season. Only one angler is "on the bubble" today, and that's Fred Roumbanis (more on Boom-Boom later). The rest are safe in their Classic berths or thinking back to the lost bass or mistakes that cost them a spot in the Classic.


Even the eight All-Star spots are secure today.


I can tell you without fear of contradiction that 10 of the 14 All-Star spots belong to:


Cliff Pace (as the Classic champ)

Hank Cherry (as Rookie of the Year)

Aaron Martens

Edwin Evers

Kevin VanDam

Bobby Lane

Keith Combs

Alton Jones

John Crews

Chris Zaldain


Nothing that happens on the water today will affect those positions. The only spots remaining will go to the top four online vote-getters. Expect Skeet Reese, Gerald Swindle, Michael Iaconelli and Brandon Palaniuk to do well there, but there might be some surprises in the mix if other anglers can find ways to mobilize their fan bases.