On the road again

We are on the road headed to Erie once again. This time an hour ahead of yesterday's schedule.


It took us over two hours to get there on Day One and almost three to get back. That was by road.


Take an hour off that round trip by water. But add in a healthy amount of Advil.


Even by road we can see differences today that will likely factor into today.


For instance, yesterday we drove through rain for half the trip. Today, there's not a cloud in the sky.


The Erie guys are all fishing offshore reefs, structure, etc. Sunny skies could make those fish bite better. Or worse.


The other big change is the wind. Yesterday it was out of the West/Southwest.


Today it's out of the north. That will have to play a part in how fish position all over these Great Lakes. But it should also set up a situation where the run to Erie isn't too bad. With a north wind, you can run the lee side, which is Canada.


Once they get to their spot it may be as bumpy as yesterday. And their drift lines will be completely different.

They likely have all that in the back of their heads. But the way it impacts the fish and the catch aspect of the day is what makes these days interesting.

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