Limit no guarantee for Mark Davis

Even though Mark Davis has sacked more than 20 pounds of smallmouth bass for three straight days, there's no guarantee that he will catch his limit today. One of the illusions of bass tournament weigh-ins is that any Elite pro that brings a heavy sack to the scales culled through a slew of bass.

Often, exactly the opposite is true, which is the case with Davis on Erie. He, obviously, has found some giant size smallies. But, he isn't on a big school of them.

When we watched Davis yesterday, he caught two bass right off. Then he fished for 2 hours without a nibble before catching two more in a 10 minute span. When we left him at 11:30 he had just finished a limit that would go maybe17 pounds.

He caught only two more bass thereafter. Both were big enough to cull his smaller fish and boost his weight above 20 pounds.

When you consider that Davis has an 80 mile run to get to his fishing spot and an 80 mile run over rough water to get back, he does not have a world of fishing time. It is conceivable that he could fish the same spot that produced his monster bass the first three days and not catch a limit.

There are no guarantees in bass fishing.