Chasing the king

I'm sharing a boat today with hard working photographer Darren Jacobson, who will prepare a gallery for later today.
Our boat driver today is Richard Browning from Roseville, MI. He has fished St. Clair for 25 years.
Our assignment today was to find King KVD and to stick with him. KVD said he would be fishing close to the Metropark.
We drove around for an hour before finally finding him. He's in the middle of the lake power fishing. No surprise there.
Jonathon VanDam is nearby, so this appears to be a family affair. There are two other tournament boats in sight.
I'm surprised to see JVD here. I expected him to run up the St. Clair River.
The water here is about 15 feet deep, Browning tells me. That means KVD is fishing submerged grass.
It's warm with a steady breeze and mostly overcast. There's a good chlop on the surface but not enough to hinder the fishing or prevent any of the pros from running to their fish.
It may get bumpy for the guys running to Erie, but they should have little trouble getting there and back.
KVD has one in the box. We don't know how big it is. He just caught what Browning called a silver bass.
News Flash! KVD just got a backlash. Even the Great One can't avoid them on every cast.

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