Bubble boy

So who's on the bubble to qualify for the 2014 Bassmaster Classic? It's Fred "Boom-Boom" Roumbanis, who is 39th in the AOY standings. And what are his chances of getting in? Well, they're very, very good actually. Of the 12 anglers in the finals at St. Clair, eight of them are already "in" the Classic, so if one of them wins the tournament he'll double-qualify and that spot will roll down to Roumbanis, putting him in the championship. If that doesn't happen (and I'll tell you why it almost certainly will a little later in this blog), Roumbanis still has some "outs" in the Opens.


If an angler already qualified for the Classic wins one of the remaining Opens, Roumbanis is in. He's also in if an angler who did not fish all three Opens in that division wins one. Add the possibilities up, and things look good for Roumbanis. In fact, if all of those possibilities came through, the next three Elites could all qualify, too. That would make Jason Williamson, Boyd Duckett and Brandon Card very happy. Unfortunately for them, the odds of each making it becoming increasingly worse as you move down the list.