Bad moon rising?

Aaron Martens mentioned it Thursday, and it may have been the reason this week Edwin Evers never relocated the three big schools of smallmouth  bass he'd found in Lake St. Clair during practice: The full moon, or more specifically the  period after the full moon.

The current moon phase is 87.2% waning gibbous. Our boat driver, Chris Noffsinger, who guides out of Traverse City, has another name for the three to four-day period after a full moon: Suckus anus.

"I used to not even go out on those first days after a full moon," Noffsinger said. "It's that bad."

Martens noted that the moon effect seems to be a bigger deal in The Great Lakes than some other places.

"They bite funny after a full moon," he said. "When they do decide to bite, you want to make sure you're on one of your good places."

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