Wacky race ending at weigh-in

Race organizers Tina Wehrs and Debbie Brague keep track of the teams' progress. (Mike Suchan photo)


There was a big clamor at the nearly empty weigh-in site early this morning as a large group of folks in oragne shirts went running down Clinton Avenue away from Veteran's Freedom Park. 


They were competitors in the Coulee Region Race, an urban adventure trek that had two-person teams run about town completing crazy tasks at the venue of sponsors who were raising money for the local Boys and Girls Club.


Teams had to do things like hit a gas station, don coveralls and get somebody to let them pump their gas. Another was a stop at the bus station to garner at least three donations. At a motorcycle shop, the teams had to navigate a child's scooter around a now mud track.


The race finishes at the weigh-in site, near the Shimano booth, where the final challenge is a casting competition. The contestants should begin to come in soon, and the three winning team's of the $1,000 prizes in men's, women's and co-ed divisions will take to the B.A.S.S. stage to receive those checks. 


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