Update on Lowen, Roy and Omori

We moved about a half mile down Stoddard Bay and found Bill Lowen, Bradley Roy and Takahiro Omori. They are fishing on the Minnesota side of the river around some rock structures that are just off the Mississippi River main channel. Tak is throwing a frog, which a lot of anglers said would be key to winning this event. Lowen is flipping.
It's been a mixture of topwaters, small jigs and flipping that we can see so far.

No action since we've been here, but we'll stick around for a bit. There a few other boats within eye shot, so we'll try to sneak up on them too.


Change that-- Tak just went to a blade bait, it seems, and he just boated what appeared to be a two and a half pounder. Lowen followed with a fish about the same weight.