Stoddard Bay or bust

My boat driver today is Lonnie Mesar from Marshfield, Wis. Also aboard is TJ Maglio of Madison, Wis. He'll be taking photos today.

We ran south to Stoddard Bay looking for Fred Roumbanis, who started the day in fifth place. I stopped by his boat yesterday after the weigh-in. He told me he is frogging.

There's no doubt about that. Fishing a hollow, weed less frog is one of his strengths. The carpet on the front deck of his bass boat had so much dried algae and duckweed on it that it looked like it had been slimmed.

A clump of grass was stuck to his electric motor pedal, looking for all the world like a potted plant.

We ran through patches of debris that was probably washed into the river by heavy rain last night. Included in the mess were some huge logs that would make short work of a lower unit.