Roumbanis elusive

We idled for eternity across a very wide, shallow, muddy and choppy Mississippi River in search of Fred Roumbanis. He is proving harder to find than the Lost Sea Scrolls.


I'll be dogged. There he is, right where we started looking for him this morning in Stoddard Bay.


BASSTrakk has him going on 14 pounds. He's frogging away, just as we expected he would be.


The water in this stretch is still clear. Far across the same bay is Todd Faircloth. He wasn't here this morning either.


I saw Roumbanis' two frog boxes last night. They are 2- or 3-inch-deep utility boxes in which he can stuff the frogs into it on their noses. Those two boxes must hold at least 200 frogs. Roumbanis has a frog for every occasion.


"I've got three good ones and two that weigh about 2 1/2 pounds each," he says.


Roumbanis has caught three bass in Stoddard but nothing that would allow him to cull. If he doesn't sack a good one here soon, he says he will go back where he caught the bass that are in his well.