Miyazaki's love-hate relationship with frogs

Just had a nice chat with Yusuke Miyazaki, one of the talented young pros from Japan. He's had a good morning in the lower end of Pool 8. "I have a decent sack, but I need a couple of big ones," he said. "It was miserable weather early this morning, but they were biting!" he added. His 13-pound early flurry has him in sixth place with 39-2. He fished a swim jig around the tip of a riprap wall, then switched to a floating frog as he began working his way along the grass-lined rocks. Just now, a fish sucked his frog under. Miyazaki paused to let the bass take it firmly in its mouth, and then reared back with all his might, pirhouetting as the hook set failed to connect.


"I like frog fishing, but I hate frog fishing, too," he mused, echoing every angler's frustrating, love-hate relationship with hollow body frog baits. 

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