Making friends

You meet the nicest people under a bridge. My companions, Lonnie Mesar (driver) and T. J. Maglio ( photographer), and I just watched 12-year-old Jack Mulholland catch a small bass while his dad's boat was seeking refuge under the same bridge where we've been parked since the rain started.


We trolled over to chat with the family. Jeff Mulholland, along with his wife, Robyn, daughter, Danielle, and Jack, drove down from Elgin, Minn., Friday to watch the fishing and the weigh-ins.


Jack's rooting for Todd Faircloth, who won the La Crosse Elite last year and was in fourth at the start of today.


Jeff is a member of the Dumbro Valley Bassmasters club, and he's disappointed in his home state's no-culling rules. "The only reason Minnesota had the rule was because Wisconsin did. Wisconsin changed their law, and Minnesota didn't," he said.