Brandon Card in sight

We ran south out of Stoddard Bay, where the water was much clearer and more fishable. We continued to the main river which is muddy.


The Mississippi is wide down here with expansive shallow flats. We're idling across one now to reach Brandon Card. He is still a few hundred yards away, fishing a large grass field.


The closer we get to him the clearer the water gets. That bodes well for Card. The sun is still shining and there is coolness in the air. So far, the weather is very different from what it has been. That could change how the bass are biting.


We see Card catch a small one and toss it back. Lonnie just raised the height of his trolling motor to help it slice through the grass. The motor is bogging down every 20 feet or so. Lonnie has to lift it to clear the prop.


We're close enough to Card to see that he's working a frog for the moment. He suddenly jumps to the driver's seat, dons his life vest and idles past us. His prop is kicking up mud and grass.


The BASSTrakk guy who has been tailing Card tells us that Card has three fish in the box. He estimates that Card's biggest bass will go 3 pounds.