Biffle sharing spot but caught one already!

We took off from the Clinton Street launch a few minutes early to try to get a head start on Tommy Biffle, who started the final day of action in the Mississippi River Rumble a mere 7 ounces behind leader Aaron Martens.

Biffle is fishing down river off the main channel off the Mississippi River, about a 12-minute run from the launch.

When he arrived here to the spot that has been so productive for him all week, he found a non-tournament angler in the alcove he may have had his eye on.

Biffle went right to work however, and boated a solid 2-pounder no more than two minutes after arriving. He needs to make up a bit of ground on Martens, but also indicated that he feels confident in his chances to win this tournament.

It's windy today and there is a bit of chill in the air. Forecasts call for rain at some point, so we'll keep our foul weather gear handy.

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