BIffle runs to spot near Goose Pond

Tommy Biffle worked a long section of the Black River and is now approaching the main channel of the Mississippi River, maybe about one mile up river of the Clinton Street Launch where we began this day.

It's been slow going for Biffle, who hasn't boated a keeper in a good while. He continued to work that same treeline for almost an hour, and now, is casting a point on the main channel.

Then he threw us a major-league curveball and decided to pick up and run all the way back to his first spot back near Goose Pond. It's was a harrowing ride, with some pretty stiff waves smacking our boat pretty hard. Not as bad, for sure, as it could have been forever.

So now, we're back where we started and we'll see what Biffle can produce. He's throwing a grub it seems, but we are about 50 yards away giving him some space.

And on cue, Biffle just boated a keeper. That will allow him to cull and add a few ounces to the total he's building upon in hopes of winning the Mississippi River Rumble.