Biffle getting antsy

Just a hunch, but it seems as if Tommy Biffle is getting a bit antsy.

After boating three solid fish within the first hour of the day, he picked up and moved about a half mile down river. Once there, he caught one fish, but just like the last few he hooked, it was undersized. Back into the dark water of the Mississippi it went.

After working that new area for about 15 minutes, he has returned to pretty much the same spot where he began the day.

There are four spectator boats with us, all waiting for the seasoned tournament pro to start whacking the bass as he did the first three days of the Mississippi River Rumble.

As I type, the short move has paid off for Biffle. He just put his fourth keeper into the live well. Looks as if it's going to go about two pounds. That should have him at slightly more than nine pounds on the day, as far as we can tell from our vantage point a few dozen yards away.

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