Biffle frustrated: Hook sets yield no fish

We're sticking on Tommy Biffle, for obvious reason. He entered the day second in this event, and boated three keepers before we really got settled.

The past hour has been tough on the Oklahoma pro, however. He's set the hook numerous times in the past hour, but hasn't brought a fish into the boat. Biffle remains undeterred, though, and is methodically working a small grass point just off the main river channel near the Goose Point area.

He has to be frustrated, but he's sticking with the game plan that got him to this Bpoint in the Mississippi River Rumble.

Looks like after a series of rod changes, Tommy's going to the lipless crank bait once again..

It's really windy out today. The current keeps pushing us farther into the main channel, so we're having to work the trolling motor frequently to keep close to the point Biffle is working, all the while giving him the space he needs to do his thing.

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