Win some, lose some

Josh Bertrand is just across the creek from Evers and just laid into a fish that ate his Spro Little John DD (citrus Shad). He fought it, keeping his rod tip down and keeling to keep the fish from jumping, but it was fruitless. The 5-pounder tail-walked and flipped as if it was in hot grease. As the fish made a final dive deep, it wrapped itself in a submerged tree.


Bertrand knew this, and popped his rod tip trying to free it, then he grabbed the line and pulled then finally laid across the deck and reached his hands as far into the water as possible to try and poke the bait and fish off the tree. He kept checking the line for and sign of a head shake, but there was nothing there. Nothing worked.


Finally, he was forced to break his bait off. “You know, I’ve been pretty lucky with getting crankbaits out of trees this week. I’ve been cranking on 12-pound line and have only lost a handful. Unfortunately, that was my last one of that color. I guess I was due to lose one.” As I typed this, the crankbait that was hung in the tree floated to the top. “Ha! That’s happened a lot this week. I’ve been recycling the same three crankbaits all week,” he said. “There are five isolated trees out there, and every time you hit one. You either lose your bait or you catch one.”


He’s got about 20 pounds in his livewell, but is hunting for a big bite.