An update on Keith Combs: fishing, locals and more

The Texas flag onshore is hanging limp as we troll up to Keith Combs.  He has just arrived and is on the job.  Lots of company --- locals and visitors fishing a few feet away.  He begins negotiations with them and calmly fishes on.  Just hooked up with one but off pretty quickly.

Zona is in the boat with Combs, so when we get some fish catches and a good upload situation we should have some good Basscams for you.  Within sight of Combs:  Jonathon VanDam, Boyd Duckett, Kota Kiriyama and Fletcher Shryock. Plus a handful of locals.  Thin early clouds giving way to sunshine.  I'm guessing that everyone in this area would appreciate it if tha dam authorities would run a little water.

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