Sporadic splashes

We’ve settled down on Jeremy Starks who’s got two 5 1/2-pounders and three smaller ones. “I’ve caught a blue million babies. I’ve got a point I can pull up on and catch 2-pounder after 2-pounder after 2-pounder.” All over the lake there are sporadic splashes, most of which look like a gar scooting along, then you’ll hear one with a distinct slurp. Starks, like everyone else, assumed they were gar until, on a whim, he fired a topwater out. “I threw that thing, and ‘bam!’ he smoked it. It was a giant, too. I got six or seven turns of the reel handle, then he came off. It was a giant.” No doubt he’s still got a topwater plug on deck. He’s got a Carolina rig in his hands, however.

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