Shryock and Combs sharing space

We just arrived at the dam, and it is the place to be. Within a quarter mile, I can see Chip Porche', Fletcher Shryock, Skeet Reese, Greg Vinson, Jonathon VanDam, Cliff Prince, Boyd Duckett and J Todd Tucker.


Shryock and Combs were 4 feet from each other not too long ago. If they both cast simultaneously, they’d get crossed up. They’re working a ledge that starts in roughly 9 feet of water and tapers out into 24 or 25. They’re all bombing deep diving crankbaits (what? No long-lining?) and Shryock nailed a 7-pounder just before we got here. It’s interesting. Although Shryock and Combs are close – really close – no words have been exchanged. The pair exchanged words yesterday after the weigh-in, with Shryock telling Combs he’d be here in the morning, though Shryock wasn’t here until after noon. He told Keith that a better boat number would put him here earlier.


But, he’s not poaching. He was here in yesterday, after all.